Thursday, November 17, 2016


In times like these I am very happy that I do not have children. Selfish as it may be, I don't have to worry too much beyond my own years and, given that I am not that young anymore and my life has been great so far, I can afford to be fatalistic and enjoy the rest of my life. However long it might take. Hit (or slip and fall on) that red button, I am ready.

Admittedly, written out, this looks and sounds way more horrible than it did in my head. And to be honest, I have never been as scared and terrified as I am right now. Suddenly, it's real. I am not reading a book or watching a movie about the Third Reich, World War II, Nuclear Catastrophes, or any fictional dystopia. I am not hearing about or watching someone else's story on TV.  THIS. SHIT. IS. REAL. One of the most powerful nations of the world. The country that calls itself the 'World Police', and once was seen as such by others, has elected a leader who is, well, let's put it this way, everything but qualified. Not that this had never happened before here or anywhere else.

If you dig deeper, it's not that difficult to understand. First of all, there weren't that many options. It was like having to pick an STD. Whatever you pick, you will be fucked and you won't be able to fuck for a while. And then, half the country, if not more, had been neglected for decades. A small number of very rich people have been making sure their interests are addressed, no matter what and no matter how many people would die or suffer. If only they would get even richer and more powerful than they already were. Not corporations. Corporations are run by humans. Humans are to blame for where we are right now. I do not exclude myself when I say that many of us, who live in rich, peaceful countries, have been sleeping for the last decades. At least since the last big war we have been involved in. Every now and then we went on the streets to protest. On the surface, we have made quite some progress when it comes to environmental issues, equality of minorities, social security, human rights, animal rights. But then, when you take a closer look, you see that we don't know the whole story or the truth. We only know what we are being shown and told by the media and what we are willing to find out by digging deeper and ask uncomfortable questions. And many of us don't like it when it gets uncomfortable. It is painful and more often than not, we don't know what to do and we're overwhelmed by what we may find or end up feeling, facing the ugly truth and the true size of all the issues humanity has caused and the consequences of those.

Poor and rich have never been farther apart. The rich have never been more powerful and ruthless, well, maybe not as powerful as ruthless as during the Middle Ages. And, most of the poor in the right countries do still have a significantly better life than the poor during those times. Most likely, we won't die of a toothache, appendicitis, the flue, or during child birth. Or just because you are different. If someone tries to steal what we own, we can call the police and they will help us. No one is throwing bombs at our home, forcing you to leave everything you own, everyone you love and risk your live trying to get to a better place. Where you are not welcome and sometimes even blamed for the situation you just ran away from. But things have gotten worse for many.

At the same time, I feel that our interest and involvement in politics has been merely for entertainment purposes and I personally, have gotten most of my news from German satire shows because watching the actual news was way to painful for me. What I should be doing, instead of writing a blog post or post memes on Facebook, is to pull up my sleeves and get politically involved. Rally up likeminded and equally scared and frustrated people, found a party, figure out the problems, prioritize them, and put a program together for how the fuck we can address them and save this planet. Like Elisabeth Warren, for example. Go through the painfully slow process of changing our country, one issue and one day at a time. That would be the only way to deal with my anger and fear and the uncertainty of what is going to happen to this country and the world. And the only way to create real change.

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