Monday, July 18, 2016

The Last Day

Tomorrow will be my last day on the road. From Hawthorne, Nevada I am going to ride through Yosemite back home to San Francisco. Tomorrow night I will sleep in my own bed. The first time after two and a half months. And probably not wake up for a week, given how tired and exhausted I am.

The last two days I rode through Nevada. While beautiful, it does get boring after while. Windy mountain roads up and down to numerous passes alternate with 10-20 mile long stretches of straight roads from mountain to mountain across high plains. Hostile, yet beautiful scenery. And hardly a car let alone a house to be seen for miles and miles.

Or a gas station. So for the first time this morning I had to change my planned route because I would have run out of gas before the next gas station. So I rode on the loneliest road in America, Highway 50. And I loved it. And the bike, too. Even though the detour added 60 miles to the daily miles. But I'm already tired and exhausted, so 60 more miles don't really make a huge difference anymore. Bike and I celebrated a big number today: 44,444 miles! A schnapps number as we call it in German. I even managed to stop and take a picture at the side of the highway.

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