Friday, June 3, 2016

Things I Miss - Day 29

A lot of people look surprised when I told them or tell them that I'm traveling alone. It's not something for everyone. Let alone someone like me who is not a fan of being somewhere where I don't know anyone. And I must admit, while I enjoy the freedom to do what I want, go wherever I want, or just don't do anything, it does feel lonely sometimes. And then I think about all the things that I miss while I'm on the road.

Being with my friends. Hug and touch them, see their faces when we talk, hear their voices and not just on he phone or via Skype. Feel their physical presence. 

The cat. I miss the cat so much. I imagine him standing on the steps when I come back. Head butting me and following me everywhere. Grabbing my hand when I pull away from petting him. Feel his weight on my chest when he's curled up as close as possible to my face and sleeps happily. 

Wearing high heels. I only brought my boots, sneakers and flip flops. I miss being four inches taller and how they make me walk. Yesterday I almost tried on a pair in a store. In my full gear.

My clothes. My pj shorts, my old ugg boots, my "cats with glasses t-shirt", my leather and jeans jacket. And generally clean, freshly washed clothes. Home washed. Because you'll never get them to smell after laundry anywhere else like you do at home.

Eating regularly. While I still worked it was breakfast at home, lunch around noon and then dinner back at home. I don't care for dinner much but the breakfast and lunch routine was quite nice. I know that it would just take some discipline and I could do that on the road, too. But most of the time, especially when it's hot, I don't feel like eating at all. So I usually only get food when I'm starving.

Wakeboarding. I really need to find a place to do it. I see my friends at home go to the outings of the new season while I mount my bike and race the rain.

And then, especially now when I put all of these thoughts in writing, I am so incredibly happy to be able to travel like this. To see so many places and meet so many people I would never have met otherwise. See this country and try to understand its people better. And missing a few things doesn't really spoil the experience too much. In fact, it will make me appreciate all the precious people and things in my life even more.

And there are cats and dogs on the road, as well. 

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  1. I can very much relate to that "physical presence" thingy and I am so not a hugger....And cats. I miss one.