Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Too Long Rides West

And I'm back in Texas. In a bar in Lubbock. And here's where I'm going to sleep tonight:

The last two days were pretty rough. 470 miles yesterday and 370 today. And it was pretty hot and we went fast. 70-80 miles and hour most of the time. Without that many breaks.

And today, the scenery started to look more open and deserty again. And I did sweat way less then I had over the last several weeks. Even though it was equally hot.

And while yesterday felt alright even though I was beyond tired and slept like dead for 10 hours, today I felt that I would have needed a longer break. Or a shorter leg. My left shoulder and back hurt and my ass, too. Towards the end, my knees joined but I only had a few more miles to go. 

Two miles away from my Airbnb, I had to stop at a traffic light. When it turned green and I pulled on the throttle, nothing happened. As if the bike was like "No, I can't go one more inch. I am tired and hot and need a break." So I managed to get her into a nearby parking lot and tried to ride back and forth. But there was no pull at all. Like an exhausted marathon runner who breaks down right before the finish line but can't get up anymore. Poor thing.

So I called a cab and left he bike in the parking lot. It was pretty late in the day and the only repair shop I was able to reach told me that they didn't feel comfortable to repair a Ducati. So I decided to wait till the next day. Give the bike a night rest in the cooler Texan air, give her some more good gas and try to start her tomorrow. And just in case I looked up car and trailer rentals so I could drive her up to Boulder where I do have an appointment in a Ducati shop on Tuesday. They will certainly be able to help me.

Then I went to get a drink and something to eat. And started talking to Will, the bar tender. And he recommended a few shops in town. So I'm going to try them tomorrow and see if anyone feels up to the challenge to fix a senior Ducati (in case it actually needs a mechanic and not just a break).

Stay tuned and cross your fingers. I certainly feel sore and tight and tired and could use a massage and some TLC. So I'm sure it's the same for her.

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