Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Homesick In Asheville

"Rather than curing my itch, this most excellent adventure only made it worse, and as soon as I returned home I dug out my map of the world and started dreaming about the Next Trip..."

This is a quote from "Red Tape And White Knuckles" a book by Lois Pryce about her solo motorcycle trip from London to Cape Town. Which makes me feel like a little sissy. And it makes me painfully aware that the travel bug can never be cured by traveling. 

I already love this book and I'm only a few pages in. It's rare enough that I find someone who can put my thoughts in words even better than I can. And it does help me on a day like this. I've been home sick for a while. Not necessarily for my place and San Francisco. But I miss being in the same place for a while. Surrounded by people who know me and who I know and love. And cats. And a washer and more clothes than I carry with me. And then you arrive at a place that feels like home. You immediately like the people you stay with and the place. You get to enjoy quiet nights of sleep. Genuine care, attention, interest, and freshly washed, air dried laundry. Priceless views, inspiring conversation and home made food. And you fall in love with all of it. The imminent departure hanging over you. The need to ride on, to feel that you're getting closer to home. But at the same time, the growing affection. This clandestine operation, initiated by your heart, that starts growing roots where you are. Because it just feels so right and you feel so welcome and at home. And then, you leave and you can feel the physical pain of tearing out those green baby roots. That haven't grown big and strong enough to keep you from leaving, yet. But they already make you hurt so much. And you don't really know why. While the tiny green baby roots, still bleeding, hang on to you while looking back, crying over having to leave yet another place that could have been home.

Mimi and Bernard. Thank you for making me start growing roots. I'll be back, I promise. And I'll certainly never forget your hospitality or any minute I spent in the paradise that you can call home.

The ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway and down to Asheville was beautiful but also a little scary. I rode on a lot of easy roads so far. Hence, downhill curves and switchbacks, especially with some gravel and rocks on the road came as a challenge. But it was a good refresher for tomorrow when I'm going to ride on the Tail of the Dragon. 

Asheville is a cute little town. I didn't do a lot of sightseeing but I took a few photos.

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And my homesickness got a little better when I met this little guy who was a little shy at first but then purred when he let me pet him. On his terms. Like Chewy... And there's the homesickness again...

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