Friday, May 13, 2016

Thoughts About: How To Stay Cool - Day 8

While riding to Winslow today, with a detour south to Sedona on one of the most beautiful and scenic roads I've ever been on, I started thinking about how to stay cool during the coming weeks of the trip. I'm going to ride through areas where 40 degrees Celsius could be a low and eventually, it will get more humid. In the latter areas at least, I'll sweat more which will keep me cool while riding. But at less than 10% of humidity, I'll have to drink a lot to not dry out, there'll be no sweating.

Here are some ideas, maybe you can add a few? I already have a special vest that stays wet longer than other fabrics but I think I might need more. Also, not wearing my padded jacket and pants or helmet are really the last options! I love my life, my brain and my skin too much for that and all of them have vents. My pants even open all along the sides to let the air in. And truck drivers honk at me when I pass them...

I could: 

* soak the removable foamy parts of my helmet in cold water and put them back inside the helmet before I put it on
* soak my merino ski mask in cold water and put it on
* fill my seat cushion with ice cubes (no, I won't post wet panty pictures)
* soak all my clothes in water 
* fill my camelback with ice cubes
* fill my camelback with hot tea
* fill my camelback with hot coffee
* fill my camelback with iced coffee
* fill my camelback with margueritas (there were some laws that prevented me from doing that, wasn't there? Too bad...)
* place zip lock bags with ice cubes in my jacket and pants
* put ice cubes in my gloves and boots

That's all I can think of so far. I already feel much cooler :-). Open to hear your ideas. 


  1. Try a silk neck wrap/scarf dipped in water, the evaporation supposedly cools your carotid artery, and helps quite a bit.

  2. Don't skimp on the protective gear and helmet, rather be uncomfortable and sweaty for few hours than risk being in serious pain for many weeks or months!

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  5. I mean this blog is too public that I can't joke around as I'd like!