Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hot In The City - Day 24 & 25

I'm well aware that I'm still 10 degrees Celsius and 20-30 Fahrenheit below from what I can expect to encounter during this trip. And about 40 percentage points of humidity. But boy, it's hot and humid in Austin. Having spent three weeks in the desert and lived in San Francisco for so long certainly doesn't help me with coping with the heat. Just seeing people jog makes me sweat. Not to mention moving myself. And yet, I made it out today to explore the city. And ended, after a two mile walk across the river and alongside it, in a shady spot in a wine bar :-). The river was full with people in canoes or paddle boards. Guess, I wasn't the only one suffering in the heat and looking for a relief.

I stayed at the bar for a little bit before I walked back towards downtown to get some wine and food and have a little picnic at the Barton Springs Pool. It's a pool in a little side arm of the Colorado. Part of it is a pool you have to pay for to use but further downstream you can just jump in the river and swim. And that's what I did, once it got dark. The water was nice and cool and there were fireflies everywhere. That's one thing you can't do in San Francisco. Be outside at night, swim and not be cold. Fabulous. And it certainly did make me like this city more.

And there was another thunderstorm at night. I've never heard thunder that loud. The house was shaking. I don't want to imagine riding into one of these storms on my bike. But it looks like my weather luck might run out pretty soon. I'm leaving Dallas on Thursday and no matter how often I check my weather apps, there will be rain and thunderstorms on Thursday. And along from New Orleans to Florida and Savannah, it's not liking better. Rain galore. But I knew what I was getting into with this trip and I'll manage somehow. It's hot, after all, so I won't be cold. Just wet. And wet will cool me down. On the other hand, the weather seems to change by the second and it seems unpredictable. So, I'll stay positive and hope that I'll have good riding weather, wherever I go. 

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