Friday, May 6, 2016

A Wet Start - Day 1

As far as I can remember it has always been the same with me and traveling. Planing a trip is always a lot of fun and the excitement and anticipation continue to rise until the day of departure. But then, when the day is finally there and I need to leave the house, I do not want to go anymore. I'm already missing home and my friends, hate spending a long time on the road or in a plane and usually I do hate the place I am staying as well. At least during the first couple of days. But then it gets better. I acclimate and begin to like the journey or the place I am at. I meet people and enjoy the sights and, usually, the better weather. And then, when it is time to go home I don't want to. And I can't even understand my reluctance to go in first place.

So it came as no surprise that it is exactly the same now. I felt reluctant to leave this morning. It's going to be a long time before I get back. I won't see my friends for a long time. And two who are particularly important to me I might have seen for the last time. That alone would have been reason enough to abort the whole stupid idea of driving around on my bike for three months or longer. On top of that and as if to convince me to stay, it was raining heavily. I kept checking the weather in all the places I was going to drive through to figure out what my best strategy was. In the end, waiting any longer would not have been a good idea. The weather wasn't going to get better soon and traffic would be a nightmare in the afternoon. 

So I packed up and left. All wrapped in rain gear, except for boot covers. Riding in the rain sucks. While I didn't feel wet and it was relatively warm, I was unable to see anything. The tiny visor wiper I put on my thumb helped but only when I used it every three seconds. After a while I felt that my boots had given in and my socks and feet were starting to feel wet. And at the gas station I spilled gas over my gloves what turned them from clammy to soaked. Thank god, I hardly hit traffic at all. No sight and bad traffic are the worst. And after two hours the rain finally stopped and I had a chance to dry. The right gear and attitude only get you so far.

I stopped again to eat something and to change into dry gloves and socks. My favorite kinds of socks are definitely dry socks. The remaining ride was quick and more comfortable, albeit very windy.

Now I'm in San Luis Obispo and done with dinner and am struggling to keep my eyes open. This was certainly one of the longer legs of my trip and I truly hope it was the wettest one. And the saddest, too. If you will excuse me now, I have to go and cry a little.


  1. Do you have wool socks? What did you eat? You gotta post what you ate!

    Awww... Saddest? I'm sending you a tight hug.

  2. Big hug Eva! Die Sonne kommt sicher bald wieder raus und wärmt Dir schön den Rücken! Alles Liebe! Keep going!