Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Finally - The Countdown

Almost four months after I gave notice I finally know when my last day at work will be! I knew I'm pretty awesome and not easy to replace. But, I never thought it would take THAT long. I don't think that my preference for complex and unsexy projects at work did actually help my manager to find a replacement. But he found one and I will be out of work by March 16. That leaves 8 more days at work!

Just to catch you up: I quit my job and am about to go on an adventure. And this is now the official (and easier to remember) website for my upcoming travel journal. I don't know exactly when I am going to depart, yet. But it will most likely be in late April or early May. I'll strap my bags to the back seat and tank of my 2000 Ducati Monster, put on my gear, and go. East South East. With no clear idea how long I will be gone or what my exact route will look like. Given that I do not need to rush it will certainly no be the shortest and definitely not a straight line.  Until I reach an ocean. And then I'll turn around. I have been dreaming about this pretty much since I moved to California. And now I will do it.

The only thing I'm planning right now is what to pack into those bags. And I'm looking forward to receive suggestions from friends and (soon) ex-colleagues for where to go and stay for little money or in exchange for pet, house or baby sitting, cooking dinner, house cleaning o or just a couple of hours of telling jokes (no kidding, I once told jokes for a few hours on end!).

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